LET HER BE CARE-FREE | Scott Andrew Studios

We’re already big fans of Scott Andrew. His wedding work is to die for and he has a knack for really capturing his clients as they are, just like we like it. So even though he isn’t a typical “senior portrait” photographer we aren’t shocked at all that he rocked it when his client came to him with “her idea” of what she wanted her pictures to look like.

Scott said, “It was a breath of fresh air to spend time with Jessica and her mom.  She is so relaxed, yet very focused, so determined to do something in this world and super excited about her first year at San Diego State.  I think I’m definitely going to photograph more high school seniors if they have the kind of care-free spirit that Jessica does.”

Isn’t that how senior portrait should be?! Relaxed and care-free.

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Hope you all are enjoying this extra sunlight we are getting now! We’re going to be giving away some fun stuff this week!! SO stay with us!! Happy Monday!!


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