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I don’t know about you but the excitement that comes over me when one of my kids ASKS ME to take their picture…it’s like I can’t get to the camera fast enough for fear they will change their mind!! So I can completely relate to Carly Mitchell‘s excitement when her niece asked her to take her picture, which then evolved into this adorable set of images.

Carly said, “We shot at the request of my 4-year-old niece, who for half of her life wouldn’t be in the same room as my camera. So when SHE asked ME to take her photos, I couldn’t turn her down. It was meant to just be shots of her (the second of three children with one more on the way, I wanted to make her feel special) but when I arrived my 2-year-old niece asked what she should wear for the photos 🙂 We shot in their new shared room where there is super yummy light and the girls feel comfortable. Ellery, the 4-year-old, has wild curly hair that is usually pulled back in some way to keep it out of play’s way, but I insisted it be lose and down and imperfect for these. The shots with the Polaroids weren’t at all planned. I’m just starting to explore that medium and the girls were just fascinated by it.”

My kids are too! EVERYONE should have a Polaroid!! And now to the images……..

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On a normal session Carly said, “If I can find the light in a clients’ home, I always prefer to shoot kiddos there. They are so much more relaxed, less distracted and 100% themselves.

Enjoy your day!!
Tory + Wendy


  • Yay Carly, these are precious and adorable. Love how these little darlings really let the camera in, you can tell their personalities are shining bright and I know these images will be treasures for life!

  • Lindsley says:

    As mom to these sweet girls, I am of course biased that the pictures are divine. But, I love that your blog and Carly’s vision for shooting candid pictures ‘just as you are’ are so well aligned! Keep it up, ladies. All the mom’s in the world appreciate your vision. Soak in each moment, they pass too quickly!

  • I love the one of them kissing. Great session.

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