Heather of Heather Nan Photography captured this birth story just beautifully. I don't know if I could of had a photographer photograph the birth of my kids. AND if my husband had insisted, truthfully, I would of said then you give birth to the kids! LOL. But I am sure that Heather's client is MORE than THRILLED she decided to go along with her husband's pleas! What a treasure!

Here is a little bit from the photographer about the session, “The Norton’s were my second birth story ever… Sadie was very hesitant to have someone else in the room, but after great urging by her husband, (which is not the norm), she agreed.  Everything went according to plan and Miss Adelae entered the world at a whopping 9.7 pounds! Looking back at this birth story a year later, the images truly resonate the strong love this family has for one another.  It’s hard not to tear up again remembering how attentive JD was to Sadie throughout the entire experience… such a lovely family. The most rewarding part for me of this birth story?  The joy in Sadie’s voice as she thanked me, (and thanked me) for being apart of Adelae’s debut after viewing the images, especially after being so tentative about the idea.  The true gift is the images for years to come.”

Besides creating beautiful images, having your client be so thankful is a joyous thing. Enjoy!

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Ah new life!! This family will be back in a fun family session in a few weeks!!!
Stay Tuned!




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