From blue skies to red hoods, I love bright color in a color photograph.  Otherwise, why not black and white?  Here is a little cutie in a red riding hood by Paige Smith. And the red hooded cutie is her 2 year old daughter, Alta:

“I love taking pictures of her because she is so beautiful, has a ton of character, and still likes the camera! To make pictures as painless as possible, I’ve learned to let my kids just be themselves and have fun. The only thing I tried to direct in this shoot was her general location. I utilized my amazingly fancy (read – not fancy at all) garage door and driveway to simplify the background and reflect lots of light. The entire photo session lasted roughly five whole minutes and no tears were shed! Success! I used a Contax 645 camera with Fuji Pro 400H film rated at 200 for the shadows and developed at Richard Photo Lab.”

But my favorite words of Paige are what she wrote on her blog about the shoot:

“I don’t want to forget the way her hair ran into her eyes and she didn’t care. I don’t want to forget her big, baby-tooth smile. I don’t want to forget her innocent curiosity as a dog barked or a stranger walked by. I don’t want to forget her funny expressions and tiny body. I don’t want to forget her expressive eyes and the way she interacts with me, as if there were no camera. I don’t want to forget the color of her hair in the California sun and how she never wore shoes.

These moments don’t last long, so we take pictures to remember.”


Its a bright happy week here on Let the Kids.  Lots of cute kids and bright colors and timeless pieces.  Check back tomorrow to see what have going and be on the look out for a fun giveaway from Richard Photo Lab!




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  • Pam Smith says:

    Wow – Alta is so wonderfully, innocently natural in her photos. And/or the photographer (!!!) captures the perfect moment and expressions. As for Alta’s beauty? She comes by it honestly (parent-ally) :)!

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