Lazy Saturday — Rebecca Conway

Every Saturday we post a photo or a few photos that struck us but we didn’t have enough material to make a weekday feature with.  Today its Rebecca Conway with some beautiful shots of her daughter.  If you know anything about me, you know I adore stripes.  So if you send in a shoot with stripes, its likely to be loved (and featured).  If its makes me wish I shot it.

“Every year I attempt to shoot a special session for my daughters on their birthday. This summer my baby turned 3, like most toddlers her attention span is short and she sees my camera too often. She gave me about 15 minutes and a roll of 35mm Neopan to get these. I was so surprised with the results. They are definitely some of my favorite shots I have ever taken of her. They are simple, timeless and a 100% her cute little personality.”

F100 and Neopan 35mm.

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Think of us if you get that one fantastic shot.. or just a couple.

Have a great weekend,


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