Kids Street Style with Erica Tashiro

When it comes to being totally genuine and free of impressions, we’re pretty sure that kids do it best. From school playgrounds, to parks and pavements, hide and go (style) seeks out all the spots to find the kids who dress to not impress. No brands, no competition. Just kids being… kids.”

The above is taken from Erica’s about me page and it has stayed with me. I love that she captures their personal style and who they are at that moment.

From Erica: While I studied photography in school, I worked as a teacher’s aide in an elementary school in Manhattan. I began to learn that I preferred photographing children rather than adults, as their style and attitude is much more natural and fantastic. I was fascinated that children generally did not yet have the instinct to “pose” in front of the camera. With this I began a project – everywhere I go in any city, children are the most natural, the most confident, and the most carefree. I believe this translates into their fashion sense. Of course it may not be the child that actually chooses what to wear in the morning. Style is not only about fashion, or expensive labels. I look for those who dress to not impress.

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photo of girl dressed for winter with scooter by Erica Tashiro

Photo of little boy with green hair and shoes by Erica Tashiro

photo of sassy little girl on street by Erica Tashiro

photo of trending little boy by Erica Tashiro

Picture of little girl blowing bubbles on the street by Erica Tashiro

Picture of little girl in pink and pigtails by Erica Tashiro

picture of little girl with high socks by Erica Tashiro

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