Kid – Joey Early

We are so happy to get to feature this rad set of images from Joey Early. He shot these over a series of months for his senior thesis project, which is awesome because of the time, thought, and intent behind each frame.

From Joey:

Being a kid is to experience without inhibitions,

And to experience is to influence yourself and those around you.

Experience starts in the beginning.

Tech Info:
Leica M6 and TriX just like it should be. I wanted to keep it as simple and bare bones as I could in order to make the images as relatable as possible. I only used two lenses (28 and 50) and one camera, which most the time was behind my back as I had to keep him entertained to get the photographs I wanted. This project was 3 months and 10+ rolls in the making, which makes it one of the few project I am proud of in my life. I abused this film, there is a major reason why its the only film I could not live without. Some of these shots are 1.5+ stops underexposed and the film could take it.

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