Katherine Heise of Lamb Loves Fox talks dressing her children

Choosing between the images Katherine sent me was torture. Each of them had a different aspect that I loved. I particularly love the way she uses the environment she is in to enhance her photos and that her precious children’s clothing just fits perfectly. Their unique pieces of clothing paired with beautiful imagery keeps me coming back for more.

From Katherine: Dressing a four (soon to be five) year old whose tastes differ wildly from my own can be a bit of a tug-of-war. Like most girls her age she likes anything pink and fit for a princess. Preferably covered in diamantes and dipped in glitter. Pink glitter, of course. Though, I have been lucky in some respects: we have somehow sidestepped the whole ‘Frozen’ frenzy.  Don’t get me wrong. I’m not a fashion tyrant depriving my daughter of her freedom of expression. She is, after all, a little girl. And a bit of pink here and there isn’t such a bad thing. Well, it’s certainly not the worst thing anyway. I’ve taken advantage of her love of wearing dresses (rain, hail or shine) by stocking up on a few that are both aesthetically pleasing (i.e look nice in photos) and pretty and princess-like too. She is not necessarily worried about whether something is fluro-pink or not, so long as it’s a dress. Throw in a dress that twirls when she spins and she’s as happy as a pig in mud. My son, on the other hand, is fairly indifferent to what he wears. Though, on occasion he insists on wearing his favourite skirt, his sister’s sparkling tutu, which is at least three sizes too big for him. A pink tutu, of course.

When it comes to finding their outfits i’m a big fan of vintage and locally handmade items. I find ETSY to be a plentiful source and treasure trove of beautiful and unique pieces.  I’ll splash out on these items as birthday or Christmas gifts.  At other times of the year I can be found scouring our local thrift stores for classic vintage items. I’ve found my most photogenic outfits hiding at the bottom of boxes stuffed full of pre-loved things.  I’m also lucky enough to be have been involved in collaborations with amazing, independent, labels such as The Bee and the Fox, Le Carrousel Paris and Mrs Millah.

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Picture of little girl girl dressed in dance costume by Lamb Loves Fox

Photo of little boy in blazer and night lights by Lamb Loves Fox

Picture of little boy in bowtie by Lamb Loves Fox

Photo of stylish brother and sister in driveway by Lamb Loves Fox

Picture of preschooler hiding in a flower bush by Lamb Loves Fox

Photo of little girl in yellow tights by Lamb Loves Fox

Picture of little boy wearing a necklace by Lamb Loves Fox

Picture of little girl in orange dress on the breach by Lamb Loves Fox

Photo of sibiling wearing stylish tshirts by Lamb Loves Fox

Picture of little twirling in red by Lamb Loves Fox

Picture of a little boy in sweater and hat by Lamb Loves Fox

Picture of little girl in bed with romper by Lamb Loves Fox

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