Kate De La Rosa: bed jumping sisters

Well this just makes my day, Kate De La Rosa‘s fun and gorgeous session with her two adorable girls.  I love everything about this: the blur, the details, the joy, the colors, the light.  This is the sort of photography that makes my heart sing.

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From Kate:

I made a promise to myself that in 2015, I would make the time for my own personal projects amongst the client work. I would pick up the camera again just for the love of it. I would document my children. I would get inspired all over again. To be honest, it seemed like a good goal for myself as I embarked on the new year, but I had absolutely no idea just how much it would grow inside me. My daughters have been the guinea pigs for my business as a portrait photographer— I test out new ideas and techniques on them first and they love it. They’ll run up to me and ask to play “mama’s photo work!” I took them to the bedroom and let them play in our curtain. We get fantastic natural light around 2PM, so I took full advantage and just let them do their thing. The results are truly something I will remember forever. I am so grateful to these girls of mine, everything they’ve allowed me to try out, and the time they’ve taken to practice with me. To me, this is the moment that all of the risks, struggles and sleepless nights behind freelancing were validated. It’s so worth it to be creating work from the heart, showing families the love and radical, normal moments they are surrounded by and giving that gift to others to keep forever.

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