Karyn Johnson photographs a mother and daughters session

This is a favorite session of mine because I know both the photographer Karyn Johnson, and photographer Kia Gregory‘s girls, Ella and Olivia, who were the subjects. And all of them are rad.

From Karyn:

I actually reached out to Kia a few years ago when I discovered that she shot film…so when Kia, also a fellow FINDer, wanted to do a family session before her newest little one arrived, I was completely honored. Unfortunately, on the day of the shoot, her husband was a little under the weather, so it turned into a mother-daughters session, which I absolutely loved! I was completely taken by their beautiful faces and their genuine love for each other. From the unassuming empty field in their home town to the girls’ gorgeous Zara outfits & mama’s dress/sneaks combo, this day was pretty close to perfect for me :)!

karyn johnson photography's image of girl in white in field

photorapher karyn johnson's pictures of kia gregory

photo of two sisters in field

photographer kia gregory gets her photo done by karyn johnson



karyn johnson photography's pic of two sisters

stockton photographer karyn johnson's image of mom and girls in field


karyn johnson's pic of two

karyn johnson's pic of mom and daughter cuddling

karyn johnson's pic of girl i

karyn johnson's image

family photographer karyn johnson's images of kia gregory and her daughters

karyn johnson photography's imae of woman in field

photographer karyn johnson's picture of kia gregory and her girls

photographer karyn johnson's image of family negative space compositionHer gear:

  • Contax 645, 80 2.0
  • Canon 1V, 85 1.2L II
  • Fuji 400h
  • Portra 400
  • Portra 160
  • Little Film Lab


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