Compilation Post: joshua tree radness

oh this is just all sorts of radness

too many amazing photographers headed out to Joshua Tree

after last years wppi

and produced all sorts of amazing images

i want to go with next time (but i don’t think im quite cool enough)…

blown away by this amazing collection of talent.



chad keyes


chad keyes

chad keyes

michael smith

michael smith


susan yee – en pointe photography


do you have a favorite out of all this?  hard to choose…


if you tell me your favorite image on this post and why


“like” our post above

we will maybe give you a $100 credit to Indie Film Lab (who developed and scanned most if not all of these).

we will certainly give it to someone.. and it might be YOU!

Last week’s winner of the RPL giveaway was Ashley Holstein!


  • joanna says:

    My favourite is the image by Josh Moates. Why? It’s just stunning! The colours, the woman, the detail, the look, the wind. WOW.

  • Mindy A says:

    What?!! How do you choose? Those double exposures sure are making my day. As is that boot shot by Nicole Cherie. ♥

  • My favorite is the double exposure by Heather Perera of the woman in the lace robe. The light and bokeh from the 2nd image remind me of the lace in her robe and it all flows so nicely. Such a lovely image.

  • Victoria B says:

    I love the black and white double exposure by heather perera with the horizon in the background. It is so beautiful and moody.

  • Kim Turner-Smith says:

    Hard to choose just one, but since I have to, I am picking Heather Perera’s image of the girl with cowboy hat and desert double exposure as my favorite. I choose it because of the mysterious lack of face and overall warm feel and tone to the image.

  • Nikki says:

    oh I am just so taken back by Michael Smith’s shot. The one with the dress & the mountains & the light. The most gorgeous light!! 😉 I love all of them but that one is definitely my fav.

  • Kim says:

    So hard to choose, but the image that made me linger – Josh Moates and the woman with the red hair. I love how the film rendered her hair and freckles, and how Josh caputured an intense look that makes you wonder where her thoughts are. Stunning image.

  • sarah der says:

    oh goodness, so hard to choose! I think I love most the the first double exposure by Heather–it’s pretty ridiculous, AM I RIGHT!?

  • Audrey Coley says:

    Heather Perera’s double exposure image is so lovely! They are all amazing it’s very hard to choose one:)

  • My favorite is the first image by Heather Perera. I’m assuming it’s a double exposure, but it’s a little more subtle than many of them are. I love all the texture, almost like the image has just been scratched up over time. Lovely and serene.

  • Deidre C. says:

    I love Luke Lindgren’s one peeking through the rocks. 11th down. Such an awesome perspective!

  • Heather Ezyk says:

    Oh dear to choose just one favorite!! There are some pretty amazing images but the one that makes my heart sing is the Ryan Johnson image with the beautiful woman standing on the rock mountains being bathed by that gorgeous warmth and glow from the sunlight! Just breathtaking!

  • Shel says:

    Love me some double exposures. Heather Perera’s b+w double is amazing!

  • Lauren Z says:

    That first one by Heather Perera. The lace/lady/double exposure. There’s something about it- something moving and timeless. The DE looks like scratches, which rather fits, given that lace and that long, natural hair just evokes something from a different era. Well done, well composed and deeply stirring.

  • Misty says:

    I am in love with the sunflare shot by michael smith. It’s just something about it that makes me feel warm and carefree when I see it. like I really want to be there.

  • Melissa says:

    These are all so fantastic. Looks like it would have been a blast to be there! I love the first photo/portrait by Ryan Muirhead. I love the black and white and how he’s able to capture expressions that are seemingly natural, as if there was no camera there. The black and white also adds that something extra.

  • Lisa O'Dwyer says:

    So tough!!! Ok, I really love these, but my absolute favorite is the one by Heather Perera of the girl with lace dress falling. It is just very enigmatic and beautiful and timeless.

  • Ok, this is not fun participating….. I have like 10 favorites!!!

    But my favorite favorite would be the double exposure of the lady in the lace dress by Heather Perera. It’s just so beautiful and full of emotion, I have been looking like 10 minutes at it and still discovering new details.

  • Anna Laero says:

    The color image by Michael Smith! it reminds me of our days living out west as children and dancing in the sunsets with my sisters. Its my childhood.

  • I love Nicole Cherie’s if the car and mountain. Very few people use off camera lighting with film. The composition of the mountain and the car are STUNNING. I also love her composition of the subjects face within the car. Just perfect!

  • Tracie says:

    A tough one to narrow down but I think us have to say Michael Smith’s b&w of the girl on the chair. I LOVE the perspective!

  • Ingrid says:

    These images are beautiful..but I have to say I am drawn to Heather Perera’s image with the bits of light, the essence the mood..that just totally speaks to me. Wow.

  • Shipra says:

    Heather’s b&w double exposure with the lady looking off to the side and her wrap around her shoulders has so much mystery and magic to it. LOVE its mood and feel.

  • Caleb Simmons says:

    My favorite is the Nicole Cherie image of the girl with the boots because the strong earth tones meld with the softer blues and grays, which to me mirrors the relationship of a girl wearing boots.

  • Laura Walker says:

    I LOVE the Mike Rousseau image of the girl with the tulle skirt! I love that it is like a silhouette shot and yet there is such beautiful detail and movement.

  • ashley says:

    I love the images by Nicole Cherie… but it’s hard to pick just one favorite.

    I just posted some pics from Joshua Tree:

    And a family session I just shot in Joshua Tree here:

    Long Live Joshua Tree! Cool post!

  • Andrea says:

    Love the “dancing” girl in long tutu in the beautiful golden sun by Michael Smith! It has a great mood to it, makes me want to jump in there and join her:)

  • Inna K says:

    Nicole Cherie – every image speaks to me and tells an intriguing story.

  • LOVE the shot by Nicole Cherie of the woman behind the window with the broken shutters. There’s just something about her work that draws me in! WOW!

  • They are all fantastic…and such a collection of insanely talented photographers! But choosing just one image…I’m going with Nicole Cherie’s “Girl in Broken Window”. The colors, light, texture, reflection coming off the broken glass, the crooked window rail…it all makes for a beautiful image!

  • My favorite is the one by Heather Perera. It makes me wonder what it’s about, it draws me in. Plus it shows creative technique I’m just beginning to appreciate and celebrate and explore in my own work.

  • Monica Lau says:

    josh moates – i absolutely love the way red hair pops on film!

  • toni raper says:

    #21 Heather Perera’s frame of Susan Yee. Why? I love classic, square format and the juxtaposition in the image.

  • I love them all, but I have to pick, so I pick Heather Perera black and white double exposure of the person with the cowboy hat and the Joshua Tree double exposed brim… Love them all really though! Wish I was there!!

  • Burt Nguyen says:

    Teresa Heath’s first photograph and the double exposures by Heather Perera because Teresa’s photo makes me dream of Joshua tree and Heather’s because they are just dreamy.

  • Kyle White says:

    I think favorite has to be the Chad Keyes’s shot of one of the Brothers Wright standing with his back to the camera on the tent or whatever. The mood, tones, and details are amazing yet it makes me think, “what the heck is going on?.” It’s interesting and easy on the eyes. A close second would be Michael Smith’s piece of the dancer cactus dust and sun. Amazing.

  • AC says:

    Great scanning skillz. Well done.

  • I love the Nicole Cherie image with the car – but I love most images with a classic car.

    CA is amazing with all the options for photo locations!

  • Jamie Sampson says:

    heather perera – It just speaks to me and I like how I feel when I look at it 🙂

  • Jen Davis says:

    The double exposure with the horizon by heather perera. Wonderful. I keep looking at it.

  • Katie Grace says:

    My favorite is the photo by nicole cherie. I love it so so much.

  • Laura says:

    so hard to choose, but i do love the b&w double exposure by heather perera…now i want to go to wppi even more, ah! 🙂

  • David Gutierrez says:

    My favorite is the BW photo of the woman in the white dress sitting in the road by Heather Perera. This is one of those images that falls into the “less is more” category. Her body and the dress make a nice triangular shape. I think this adds to the composistion. If she were standing, I don’t think the image would have the same impact. The horizon line is in a nice place, and I like the vanishing point the road creates. I would like to see how the image would look if she was centered with the vanishing point. Perhaps the photographer though it would be a cliche and she did mixed things up. I really like this image.

  • How beautiful!I like best image from susan yee – en pointe photography,girl with her hair over the face with gorgeous flare and “don’t care” feel of it )

  • As everyone has mentioned before, this is a tough decision! All very talented artist featured here. It was a toss up between Josh Moates’ red haired woman and Heather Perera’s double exposure of the woman in the lace robe. I think I will go with Perera though because I just keep going back to it. Nice work from everyone though!

  • Hard choice, but Heather Perera’s shot of the 7 photogs lined up on the road. It’s such a classic pose, but the colors in that shot just set it apart from the expected. Love all these!

  • The surrealism of the ballerina/cactus sun flare by michael smith is to die for! Love them all but this one jumped at me!

  • Stacy says:

    They are all outstanding – every one. But I have to say my favorite is the one by Josh Motes, and not just because I’d love to win the Indie giveaway. What a gorgeous portrait, full of life and emotion, without looking too set up.

  • Ashley says:

    yayaayayya I won!

  • Sonja Lyon says:

    My favorite photo is the image by Heather Perera (the first one of the bw of the woman). The mood and emotion are completely unique to the rest of the images in this collection. There are quite a few gorgeous photos, but this one creates a story in the mind of the viewer. I think it’s more of a challenge to create such a strong image with a person, too, rather than landscape.

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