Jonathan Canlas + Jessie Pennington = Magic on Film

So it’s no secret that I am a huge fan of Jonathan Canlas.

The guy is magic. His images always amaze me.. whether it’s family or wedding or whatever. He can take a photo of a trash can and I want to hang it on my wall. Geez.

And this family session is no different — all winners. The color! Honestly, could it be better? And the cutest family ever… I am in love with that mom’s style and her yellow shirt.

And yes, of course, the love ever present in all the photos.

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Really, what could be better?

And do you recognize the girl in the photos? None other than Jessie Pennington.

Follow that girl on instagram — @jessiepennington — her feed is delightful and I mean that in the very best of ways.

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