Interview with Nikki Martinez – Central California Photography

I am a big fan of Nikki Martinez‘s work and super excited to have her featured today along with an interview on why she does what she does.

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How long have you been shooting?

5-6 years.

Why do you shoot?  What drives you?  What inspires you?

I started photography because of my kids. They’re my biggest inspiration. Watching them grow everyday is amazing. Kids are completely carefree & full of life. They’re not worried about how they will look in a photo. They’ll usually just give you their raw true selves. Sometimes us adults are so busy teaching our children that we don’t always realize what they can teach us. I try to “learn” as much from my kids as I can. I’m also inspired by light. BIG TIME. I’m always watching the light around me. All day, everyday. It’s become something that comes naturally now a days.

Do you shoot film or digital?

Film.  I’m finding I like Portra 160 alot cause I get great tones with it & it comes in 220. I like to overexpose!

Do you use only natural light or flash or reflectors?

Just Natural light.

Any tips for shooting children?

Bribes! LOL. JK. Well, kind of. You just have to be quick. Kids & Patience do not mix. But yes, Bribes can work too!

Favorite time of day to shoot and why?

this question makes me laugh a little actually. I’ve come to love shooting at so many times in the day I’m not even sure. I guess a few hours before sunset would be my fav.

What personal work do you shoot?  Any ongoing projects?

I’ve sorta started a personal project shooting around the town I live in. It’s a super new project so I have a lot more to go with it;)

Best piece of advice you could give to a new photographer?  (this is my favorite answer!!)

Don’t rush yourself. Photography is an art. Take the time to learn learn learn!


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