interview with jen huang

one of my favorites – jen huang

digital and film

both beautiful

and she tells us all about how she does it

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Why do you shoot? What drives you? What inspires you?
In it’s simplest form, photography is the act of looking – images are there to be seen and enjoyed. As a photographer, I love creating photographs that I enjoy looking at. In a deeper sense, the beauty behind a great photo is the feelings and emotions that it evokes. It’s a struggle and a challenge to find these essences behind singular moments, especially on a chaotic wedding day. In the end, creating gorgeous images that make people happy, makes me happy!

Do you shoot film or digital?

If film, which films do you prefer and why? And how do you shoot them? over or at box speed?
I like to shoot Kodak Portra 800 and Fuji 400H. I shoot them both about 1 to 2 stops over exposed.

If digital, what is your processing workflow? Do you use actions?
My digital workflow is editing ALL in camera. Very little is done in post, it’s ultimately the same process I use for my film work. I also love black and white digital, and shoot in monochrome all the time.

Which camera/lens are your favorites and why?
I love the Contax 645 with the 80mm Zeiss lens, and the Canon Mark 3 with the 50mm 1.2 lens (which also fits on the Canon 1V 35mm Camera). But let’s be serious, I also love my iphone 🙂

Any tips for shooting children?
I used to think shooting children was incredibly difficult because they move around so fast and it’s hard to manually focus on them. I now realize that it’s easier to embrace that, and allow for motion blur, movement and let the child choose their own poses and facial expressions (let the kids choose!)

Favorite place to shoot and why?
I have many favorite places to shoot, and I love discovering new places all the time, most recently I shot in Inverness, California and was blown away!

Where do you look for creative inspiration?
For me, I mostly look for inspiration in art, especially art history, architecture and travel. I love how much skill and knowledge it took to be an artist or crafter before modern day technology and much of that inspires my work and my life.

What personal work do you shoot? Any ongoing projects?
I have a fun, slowly ongoing project with my husband’s mother which involves shooting her gorgeous hat collection on her horses at her farm. It’s very silly but I love them.

Best piece of advice you could give to a new photographer?
Practice hobbies outside of photography, that is where your inspiration will come from.

Any other tips or tricks you want to share?
As a small, female photographer, I find that equipment takes a really heavy toll on my body, I can’t recommend getting the Spider Holster enough – ladies it takes all the weight off your shoulders and puts it on your hips, where we were designed to carry weight!

Any upcoming workshops we should know about?
I am working on collaborative workshops with industry leaders, as well as one-on-one private tutorials at my Santa Barbara studio.

thank you Jen!!!

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