INSPIRED ON A SATURDAY – Wendy Laurel Photography

I don’t even know what to say about this photo.
THIS is why I love photography and THIS is why I love Wendy Laurel‘s Photography.
I could sit and look at her photography all day…it screams Hawaii, it’s colorful and it literally takes me to Maui.
For this particular shot Wendy took her lomo lc-a+ camera + under water housing (from the lomography website) + Fuji Superia 800 EXPIRED film and sat on the edge of the pool during her son’s swim team practice and held the camera partially under the water while he was swimming towards her. Wendy said it was luck….but I think it’s because the girl has SKILLS!!

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Rad right?!
If you want to see some more go —-> here & here!!
Enjoy your weekend!!!
Tory + Wendy


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