Inside the Soulful Mind of Amy Grace

Because she’s one of our all-time, long-running favorites, we couldn’t have been more excited when we heard that the inspiring, soulful Amy Grace of A Beautiful Life Photo and Motherhood with a Camera would be sharing her wisdom, her experiences, and her perspective in a Click Photo School educational breakout program for photographers.

Her downloadable class, entitled The Head & The Heart: Life as Art, is described as a guide to creating, “meaningful photographs through personal narrative.” The description goes on to state:  “Amy Grace turns herself inside out, sharing her process for inviting inspiration, and translating personal experience into meaningful art. Amy encourages you to step so deeply into your comfort zone that you don’t recognize it anymore, and gives you a framework to tell the true story of your rich inner life.” The program includes a 145 page eBook; an hour long video in which you get to hear directly from Amy Grace as she discusses her philosophy, her process, her writing and experience; and more!

And when Amy talks about taking pictures from the inside out, about the transformative power of healing through art, about expressing love and layers and life — well, no one does it like she does. I’d recognize an Amy Grace photo anywhere, and I know most of you will, too … so the opportunity to hear from her the process of delivering that soulfulness through the camera is something truly irresistible.

Scroll on to experience Amy’s work, together with a few of our favorite quotes from her upcoming breakout, below.

Write down a memory that still tugs at your heart or feels unfinished. And try to fill a frame from your life right now that illustrates it.


We hear athletes be told to “play through the pain.” And as artists, there is no other way through. We can try to go around, backwards, skip over, but the snags, the open wounds, the beasts going for our feet when we try to stay at the surface, these are the things that make our stories. And frankly, without backstories, we are all making the same pretty pictures.


How do we make still pictures feel alive? Movement. Emotion. Stillness. The unexpected. Intimacy. Framing that shakes things up. When we stop doing what we think we should do and start doing what we think we could do.


Family is what gives you life. I have been part of a few. Sealed and torn and sewn with sinew and hope, mended and turned inside out. Born, flown away, grown apart, it is a rhythm that circles its way through crowds.


I say I can’t trust my thoughts at three in the morning, but I CAN trust them to shake me up, go to hard or scary places, lead me to words and pictures like a trance.


Put in some soul searching about what you would photograph if you could no longer photograph your children. This one hits home for me. The ideas outnumber the time I already lament not having or not spending with them. I have a near teenager, years beyond the ones she’s had on this planet, who is beyond it right now. And a tiny boy whose eyes need my own instead of a lens. And a whole world tugging at my heart. It’s a tough spot that feels cracked open and unknown and fascinating.


I’ve been wanting to illustrate what it FEELS LIKE TO BE HER MOTHER.

Want more? Full details of Amy Grace’s heartfelt, eye-opening breakout class can be found here, or just go right ahead and click here to purchase The Head & The Heart anytime from now to November 16, 2016 (all of the breakout materials are downloadable and yours to keep forever!).

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