I wish I shot that — Family Photography Compilation Post

I wish I shot that. That’s my standard for choosing these single image posts. Highly subjective but it works.

These are the images that stand alone. Not details or filler or something to storyboard with another image. Just put up on the wall type images.

Inspirational family and child photos: February 2014 compilation

olivia gatti
click click love

Inspirational family and child photos: February 2014 compilation

elizabeth koehler
love elizabeth photo

And the FIND Business Guide for Photographers is on sale only to the end of today!! Something I bought a year ago and run my business according to and yes, it really works.  I would not steer you wrong.

FIND: Biz guide

And we switched our format a bit (once again), we are now including two of these compilation posts a month… because they are my favorite posts and yours.  Now you can find us every Tuesday and Thursday for sure.. with every 1st and 3rd Tuesday being a compilation post.

So keep those crazy good images coming.  To submit, just:

  • send me one or two crazy good images
  • sized at 600 pixels wide
  • named with your website name (i.e. “wendylaurel”)
  • no watermarks pretty please (we will give you credit pinky promise)
  • to submit@letthekids.com.

Got a favorite from today’s post?  Let us know below.



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  • toni raper says:

    ok so applying your strategy of ‘I wish I’d shot this’ my two favourites are your girls and the cat with the pregnant lady. Stoked as always to be included in this crazy good line up <3

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