Picasa: how to make a photo collage

It has come to my attention that there are many many photographers who have no idea how to put together a collage.  That is a shame.

Why would you need one?  Well for starters because I love them and you can submit them to me.  And for putting together pdf’s or pricing books, for albums, for facebook and just for fun.

A collage can be made in photoshop or indesign but I use Picasa (because its free and easy).  Just download Picasa here. (and if you are a photographer and aren’t a mac user.. well I don’t even know what to say about that).

wendy laurel

1. Download and open Picasa.

2. Click the “Library” tab up on top. (or click the import tab if library doesn’t show and then click library).

3.  Picasa will take a few minutes loading up all the files on your computer.

4.  You can streamline this by putting all your photos you want in the collage in one folder. But I never do.  Im too lazy.  I let Picasa fill up my library and then I browse through my folders for the images I want.

5.  Click on any folder, it will show the images to the right.

6. Click on an image you want in your collage so its selected.

7. Then from the icon menu right above the images, click on the orange rectangle with the + sign (create photo collage).

8. You are now in the Collage tab. Here you can change your dimensions and your grid layout and the spacing and color of your background.

9. Go back to Library and repeat to add more photos to your Collage tab.

10.  Go to Collage tab, drag the image from the box on the left to the collage to add it.

11. You can also remove images from your collage on the Collage tab.

12 . I like my Settings to be a simple grid with white background in a square or 8×10 size.  But that’s me.  The collage is totally customizable.

13. Be YOU.

14. You can move the images around the collage to put them where you want them. The more photos you add or take away will change the shape of the images.

15.  When it looks like you want it to look, click Create Collage on the bottom left.

14. I usually click Save As and save it where I want after the collage is created.

15. Simple, right?

You are welcome.

Now let’s see those Kodak collages.  (kodak ektar and e100vs film above).

Rules: Send in through Monday, sized 600×600 pixels, all images shot on Kodak film — your best and brightest please! No watermarks. Send to submit@letthekids.com

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