How Kiera Eve embraced her creativity with film

I fell in love with Kiera Eve on Instagram. Once I saw it, I felt like I knew her and loved her vision. Her feed is filled with images of her children, but all on film, and in wildly creative ways and different all the time. It looks like no one else’s feed, which is hard to accomplish nowadays.

blurry little girl feet in white dress by kiera eve boy laying in striped lighting by kiera eve pink palm tree image on film by kiera eve black and white image of boy on slip and slide with water by kiera eve two girls with hair flying image by kiera eve young girl in cherry blossom tree by kiera eve black and white portrait of young boy in room by kiera eve black and white close up portrait of young girl by kiera eve little boy upside down in diner seat with red converse shoes by kiera eve little boy laughing in striped lighting by kiera eve black and white image of little girl in room with toys everywhere by kiera eve polaroid of little boy with disco ball by kiera eve

This is what Kiera has to say:

A little over a year ago my family relocated from Utah to Pennsylvania. My biggest concern was my four children being able to make a smooth transition. In the past I had given a lot of thought to the fact that my kids were growing up before my eyes and I was too busy filling my hard drives with other peoples memories to properly document it. In the midst of such a huge life change, this no longer felt like the right thing to do. I decided to give up my photography business for a time and instead focus my creative energy on my immediate family. Times of great life change call for simplicity… and a photo project! I decided to focus on documenting my daily family life in a fun and creative way. I knew I wanted to shoot the majority of this work on 35mm film with some instant film mixed in for good measure. I also knew I wanted a completely different shooting experience than what I was used to. I loved the idea of moving over to a rangefinder system. It felt like the perfect way to mix things up and see in a new way, so I purchased my first Leica and am officially hooked! I also shoot a lot with my 35mm Holga which I LOVE. The toy lens effect and the tendency it has to switch itself into bulb mode always surprises me in the very best way.

The other obstacle I had to hurdle was the challenge of shooting film on a shoestring. Since I was no longer taking clients, I didn’t feel like I could justify my lab bill any more. I bought developing supplies, chemicals, and a Pakon scanner and started to develop and scan all my own black and white film at home. This process has become deeply satisfying for me. I have learned so much! Each time I get to process a roll of film I feel like a kid at Christmas. This is how I always want photography to feel — exciting, creative and filled with hope. I experiment regularly with different cameras and lenses, film stocks and developers. My current favorite combinations are Leica m6ttl with the 50 1.5 Zeiss Sonnar and Acros 100 paired with HC-110.

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