An in-home and garden session worth seeing

From Paige Gabert:

I met Elise over the internet in some mutual photographer groups that we were apart of; Elise is an incredible photographer that captures mainly women, empowering them to show their true selves. Her work has always stood out to me and I loved getting to know her more as a person.

Back in April of this year, Elise had contacted me and asked if I would photograph her family at their home in Grand Rapids. I, of course, say yes, knowing how wonderful it would be to document her family that Saturday morning, and getting to see the inside of her beautiful home. Her and I have similar styles; we both love mid-century and vintage. We both collected a lot of the same things, including old film cameras. It was a match made in photography heaven!

That morning I arrived and photographed her, Tyler (her hubby), and Tuck (their sweet son). They made pancakes, built a fire, played with toy trucks, chased each other around, and watered the garden. To say that I love photographing sessions like these, in the comfort of my clients’ homes, would be an understatement. They are some of my most favorite moments to capture as a photographer. And as a mother, I know how important it is to remember these days when our babies are young (and will still let us hold them in our arms).

While photographing Elise and her family, I was really inspired by the way they interacted with one another. Nothing was posed, it was just a normal Saturday for them. The way that Tuck talked to his mom and dad, the way they all laughed, the frustration of changing a toddler’s clothes when, once they are naked, don’t want to get back into them. While the look was perfect, the atmosphere was what made this session so great.

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family having a snack at the kitchen table by Paige Gabert

picture of mom and toddler in their home by Paige Gabert

mom holding daughter upside down by Paige Gabert

mom and daughter playing on the floor by Paige Gabert

dad playing with daughter in yellow outfit by Paige Gabert

photo of dad helping daughter by Paige Gabert

picture of plants on a window sill by Paige Gabert

photo of woman watering the garden by Paige Gabert

picture of toddler playing in the garden by Paige Gabert

pic of mom and daughter watering the garden by Paige Gabert

mom and daughter gardening photo by Paige Gabert

mom helping kid water garden with a hose by Paige Gabert

mom carrying toddler outside by Paige Gabert

husband and wife hugging outdoors by Paige Gabert

family of three outside by Paige Gabert

mom dad and daughter playing and laughing by Paige Gabert


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