Fellow FINDER, photographer, and Let the Kids favorite  Jill Thomas tragically lost her 21 month daughter, Penny, this week.

There are no words.  JIll posted on her facebook page last night.  Here is an excerpt:

“please to all that read this, know that i have a testimony in my savior jesus christ. as i felt the deep pains of the loss of my daughter, i know that my heavenly father felt that for the loss of his son. and just like my heavenly father who knew that was not the end for his son, i know also this is not the end for my penny. she is my daughter. i will hold her again. this i know and i want you to know. penny was extremely special and all that knew her, felt this. let penny change your lives. hold close to your little ones and remember all this life comes down to is our testimony in our savior and our family.”

We want to support the family in any way possible.  A paypal donation account has been set up “Pennies for Penny” to help cover the costs of Penny’s funeral and to help the family through this immensely hard time.

You can donate here.


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