Kat Braman: texture

Texture.   Weddings have texture.  Apart from the flowers, apart from the dress, or even apart from the theme or any other decor, a wedding has a feel.  It has a flow.  It evokes something from the participants and attendees.  It’s a texture on top of every thing else that gives the day its meaning.

The texture you see in the photographs is emotion.  An emotion that is powerful, and simply draws you in.  I wasn’t there at the wedding.  Yet, after viewing the story told by Kat Braman, I know exactly how the day unfolded and how it felt.  There was a thriving, beautiful, happy emotion between the families.  Kat said on her blog, “I’m usually borderline at every wedding, but at this one I cried twice.”

Both from Boston, Lina and Tim chose to have their wedding in South Beach Miami Florida at the National Hotel.  Kat described to me that Lina and Time in their extended families have many children and she said, “I loved how they incorporated them into their day and made each child feel important and special.”  The wedding was a time in which two families were coming together.  Lina’s daughter walked Lina down the aisle.  And as a photographer, Kat said, “It’s always extremely special to witness a wedding where both sets of families truly embrace each other.”

Every detail meshed seamlessly with its environment.  That’s because Lina,  a event planner for a major non-profit in Boston, designed the wedding.  Her choice of colors and table decor has a wonderful texture for the South Beach wedding.  The flowers matched trees nearby.  And yet there is an added texture to all this.

Photographer: Kat Braman www.katbramanphotography.com
Ceremony, Reception Venue & Catering: The National Hotel http://www.nationalhotel.com/
Event Design: The Bride
Flowers, Lanterns, Linens: Petunia Flowers http://www.petuniaflowers.com/
String Lights above the dance floor: Avant Gardens http://www.avant-gardens.com
Music: Junior’s Entertainment http://www.juniorsproductions.com/

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