Virgil Bunao: love shoot

What makes a really successful love session?  A little bit of planning.

There’s a reason why Becca and Kinnon’s love are so powerful and intimate.  They planned just a little bit with a few simple ideas.  Simplicity, in this context, reinforces intimacy, which is exactly what you want your portrait or engagement photographs to be.  And photographer Virgil Bunao worked closely with them in order to beautifully photograph the moments.

Three elements that set apart Becca and Kinnon’s love session: location, tangibles, and clothes.  The gorgeous sunset helped, too.

Becca worked with her photographer, Virgil Bunao, to add elements that elevated the session.  With Kinnon about to head to med school in Tokyo, they picked the small town Summerville just outside of Charleston.  (Quite the contrast to Tokyo).  Virgil photographed them on former farmland just off of Highway 17 that runs through the town.

They brought a large but simple tangible to the session.  They asked one of the locals to borrow a 1956 Ford Truck.  Being near Highway 17, the truck complimented the old farmland and Becca and Kinnon in many of the shots.

Becca and Virgil collaborated again, choosing outfits from Forever 21.  The intentional planning paid off; the clothes Becca and Kinnon wore matched the location seamlessly.  The three outfits they brought along gave the shoot  a little more character.  Lauren Walters from The Paul Mitchell School helped with Becca’s hair and makeup.

A love-shoot by Virgil Bunao.  Be amazed.


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