Ed Osborn: Glasgow, Scotland

For a photographer, amateur or professional, Flickr is an excellent resource and tool.  Flickr is a photo hosting site that connects and highlights photographers from around the world.  And this is exactly how I found Ed Osborn.

Ed Osborn photographs and documents life and weddings in Glosgow, Scottland.   What drew me to his images was his story telling.  Ed’s approach to photography comes from an architectural background, which to me shines through in every image.  Every image being framed precisely.  Ed said,  “I’d like to think I approach photography the same way as Zumthor approaches architecture; or Tarkovsky, cinema. To me it has to come from inside.”  And as a film photographer, he added that “the fact that you pay for every shot has really made me slow down and thing about what I’m shooting.”  Ed illustrates the thoughtful and reflective moments through his images.

Pauline and David’s were married at St Gregory’s Church in Glasgow, Scottland.  Pauline has attended St. Gregory’s all her life, so it was fitting they marry there.  Glasgow is tremendously gorgeous with its rich greens and grays.  As a contrast, this allows the reds in the men’s ties and Pauline’s flowers to really breathe.  And yet it’s Ed’s black and whites that show the textures of the wedding.

Enjoy the story.

A few wedding details:

Dress: Designed by bride, made by Christine Hooper

Suits: Slaters

Hair: Crinis Forme

Bridesmaid dresses: Frasers

Make-up: by bride

Flowers: Blooms

Shoes: Sketchers

Cake: Marks & Spencers

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