Fer Juaristi: wedding approach

We’re talking with a spectacular photographer from Mexico, Fer Juaristi.  His approach to photography is simple, document life as it passes by.  His images, his story telling capabilities are an out-of-this world experience.  I wanted to know a little bit more about him and his images.   So I asked him few questions to gain insight to his approach to weddings.

Jonathan: Fer, your work is phenomenal.  The way you use and see light – so beautiful.  I just love it.  And obviously you shoot tons of weddings each year, how/why did you start shooting weddings?

Fer: I was working on the advertising business for a while, but I got turned off because of the excess of control in everything. So one day a good friend of mine called me and told me he was gonna get married. I googled wedding photography (back in 2005) that day and saw amazing jobs. The next day I quit my job and started shooting.

Jonathan: What about your wedding photography, in your mind, makes you stand out?

Fer:  I don´t considered myself as a wedding photographer.  The rest is just finding the couples that get you and let me experiment.

Jonathan: Okay, let’s pretend I’m a groom, what advice would you give me as I begin to look for a wedding photographer?

Fer: Choose my style, because if you don´t like your pics it´s gone! We are talking about creating  your visual inheritance, so if they don´t trust us it´s gonna suck for them and for me.

Jonathan: Film in the wedding industry is a hot topic/trend/theme/transition for many photographers, do you see yourself incorporating more and more film into your weddings?

Fer: I just went to the Jonathan Canlas workshop and I must say I loved it. I´m gonna try to incorporate film into my workflow.

Jonathan: As a photographer myself, I can look back at my work from long ago and sometimes shudder at how it looks. How have you seen your work progress in the past years? Where do you see it heading?

Fer: The same for me, because I have been shooting for myself for about four years.  The first two were, well, test and try – trying to find a look, finding what I like the most and truly building up the trust that I needed. I think it´s all about finding how you see the world that truly counts.

Jonathan: At the end of a wedding experience, what’s the one thing you want a couple to take away from your work and wedding documentation?

Fer: The complete range of emotions of the wedding day, plus some portraits with their personality and my eye.

Jonathan: What is a bit of advice for photographers starting to shoot weddings?

Fer: Don’t compromise your vision and everything will be just fine.  Be super transparent with your client before signing the contract.  Be you, don´t wear masks.

Jonathan: I know often wedding couples expect photographers to give them advice, for instance, on how to cut the cake (well maybe that’s just been my experience).  How directive are you during the wedding day?

Fer: The only time is during the portraits; 95% of the day I´m not even there.

Jonathan: If you had to choose one camera, one lens, one film, one subject, one location (ah, did I miss anything?) what would it be?

Fer: I a format bitch, but today it would have to be.

Zeiss 35mm 2.0
A free couple that have a not so cliche vision of love
New Zealand

Jonathan: Final question, we ran a post a few weeks ago about what men wear to weddings, err, or what not to wear, what’s your typical apparel for shooting weddings?

Fer: For city weddings all black plus tennis shoes; for beach weddings shorts, barefoot and ready to roll!

Thank you, Fer, for your time with us and allowing us to explore your approach to photography and weddings!  You’re images are astounding and inspiring!


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