Goodbye Tory, Hello Sharon

All good things come to an end unfortunately.  Running a blog is a time consuming job. And as much I LOVE and ADORE what Wendy and I have built here on Let the Kids, I know in my heart that my family is in need of my time right now. To give them my undivided attention this is the right thing for me to do. Summer is coming and these two are pretty hard to compete with.

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While I am certainly going to miss working with Wendy, I am very happy to say that the fantastic Sharon Johnson will be coming aboard!

Sharon is a family photographer specializing in birth stories who is just in the process of relocating to the Seattle area.  Here’s a bit of Sharon’s work.

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Sharon has tons of good ideas and will be running the marketing and advertising side of LTK.

Change is inevitable in life.

And we are excited to start this new chapter on Let the Kids!

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