Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving.  Its a time to give thanks for our families and friends and all that we have. We thought we would do a special little post.

I, Wendy, was lucky enough to have my Mom in my life and have her near me to help me raise my four kids.  And very lucky to have Alisa Greig take our family portraits with her shortly before her death from cancer this year.

I am thankful for the memories of her, thankful for my four children (who are giving me a headache by refusing to clean their rooms as I type this), thankful for my husband and his support, for the Twilight series (which I get to watch with my girls), for sunshine and rainbows, for living in Hawaii, for having something to laugh at everyday, for all the joys and heartaches and ups and downs of this life.

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I, Tory, am grateful for my super crazy kids, who constantly keep me on my toes. For a husband that would literally do anything and everything for me (well except wake up in the morning LOL – what can I say he likes to sleep) and the rest of my family. For amazing friends who keep me going somedays when I don’t think I can go anymore (what would we all do without our girlfriends!!) And as normal could go on and on and on 🙂 Guess i  could sum it up with I have a very blessed life.
Here’s my little piece of crazy…photographed by the incredibly inspiring Natalie Norton.

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And we are both INCREDIBLY grateful for all of you!
Thank you so much for the amazing support we have received from all of our readers!! Without you our little blog would not be possible!!
Tory + Wendy

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