Lizzie Metcalf: giving back with photography

Photography is fun. It’s a passion and it can be addicting.  It can be more than fun photographs on facebook though. Photography can be meaningful in many different ways.

The closest to home for me and many is preserving the memories of a loved one who has passed.

Last year was tough.  My mom was diagnosed with throat cancer and died about a month later.  A five year old daughter of neighboring family and friend was diagnosed with brain and spine cancer.  Olivia has been fighting but chemo hasn’t helped halt the spread of cancer.  The family is instead cherishing all the time they have with her.

Another little girl in my small community, Sophie, one I’ve watched grow in ballet classes and swim team with my daughters died suddenly in a freak accident.  Tragic reminders that life is fleeting.

Photographer Lizzie Metcalf is an inspiration to me.  Not only is she an amazing photographer, see her post here and later this week, but she is a fighter and a survivor.  Lizzie is only 20 and she has been fighting cancer this past year.  You can read her story here on her Chemo Chronicles blog.  Seriously inspiring and touching.

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Lizzie’s response has been to give back.  What follows is a series of images she took of other cancer patients she has met on her journey.  She calls these sessions her Lemonade Sessions — as in when life gives you lemons, make lemonade — all you need is a little sugar. Lizzie is that spirit embodied.

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Do you have tears?  I do.

How do you give back with your photography?  Tell us.

We are running our Technique Thursday on giving back and we need submissions.  Send us 1 photo, sized 600 dpi across, no watermarks, and a story on how and why you give back.  Or how other photographers can give back.  We want to hear all about it.


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