Giveaway: yan photo mentorship

We don’t get giveaways like this everyday.  Meaning ones that I covet extremely.

Yan Photo is one of my most favorite family/wedding photographers out there.  She is always original, creative, and unique.

And if you win this you get FOUR hours of YAN time… by skype or gmail video chat.

FOUR hours to:

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To Enter:

1.  Like Yan‘s page on fb

2. Like Let the Kids on fb

3. Share this post (handy dandy facebook icon above), and

4. Leave us a comment on this post so we know you did it!

The random number generator will pick the lucky winner this weekend. Contest ends Friday at midnight my time (hawaii).

tomorrow on our blog we will give you an inside view on how she does what she does.

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And she is shooting me and mine in Feburary when she comes to Hawaii!! (im already thinking of what I should wear).

Want her to shoot you and yours?

“i have openings (only 2) in nyc this month oct 17th-25th
in phoenix in dec
in montreal and vancouver june and july
in LA area in march
in Atlanta in NOV
in Hawaii in FEB
in London in AUG”

for more cities, check her blog blog blog.

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