Compilation Post: girls on film

Oh I have a favorite compilation post for you guys today.

Girls on Film.

In other words, all film images from all women photographers.

I love the variety and the different looks.. but all spectacular film images.


photographer beth morgan's film image of girl on green couch with parents kissing

Beth Morgan -Pentax 645N portra 400 scanned by PPI

photographer kystal akin's film image of kids on rocks at river

Krystal Akin Hasselblad H1 Portra 400 Goodman Film Lab

photographer rodeo and co's film image of boy at baseball

Rodeo and Co – Kodak Porta 400. Hasselblad H1

photographer cara dee's film image of girl

Cara Dee – Contax 645, Fuji 400h

photographer arielle doneson's film image of family

Arielle Doneson – 35mm fuji 400h

sandra coan's film image of newborn

Sandra Coan – contax 645 Porta 400

maui photographer wendy laurel's image of joyful girl in plumeria tree

Wendy Laurel – contax 645 + kodak ektar film

I know you guys know how I love film.

Can’t you see the magic?

I don’t usually single film out.   There is lot of digital work I love as well.

But film has my heart.


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