Getting Wet – Limelife Photography – SoCal Family Photography

Our love affair with all things warm weather continues today with Limelife Photography’s little slice of life in warm and sunny Southern California.

I love how these guys always capture the heart of the action and kids.  And I love how their digital photography looks so clean and not overly processed. They tell us how they do that.

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Shot on our D700, a mix of our 35mm 1.4 and 85mm 1.4.

We’re happy you think our post processing looks clean & nice, that’s just what we go for 😀

“We like our images to look like the moments we saw them. Clean. Real. Life is beautiful all on its own, without us applying filters & actions. (Instagram is a different story. It takes me longer to choose the filter than it does to take the picture!)

To start, we shoot everything RAW. We think it’s important to start out with as much information as possible, in case we need to make any big fixes & so our images are as sharp as possible! Then we follow a few simple rules for post processing in Lightroom.

1. Recovery. Generally, we like images a little hot as opposed to underexposed, but we don’t want to nix all the detail. So, we start with recovery, if needed.
2. White balance. This depends on where we’re shooting and if we’re using flash. Regardless, we usually like to warm our clients up a bit. Cold, gray people look sad and, well, cold! Bumping up the temperature, if needed, can make a big difference.
3. Contrast. Just a little extra contrast gives us the pop and definition we like.

And that’s all she wrote!

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And as promised. our winner from yesterday is Natalie!!!  Thanks for playing.. look for another giveaway next week.. and here’s a hint.. its super cute and you can put a camera inside of it!

What a fun week this was…. next week is another one.

See you here..




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