Getting Creative + Film Giveaway

oh so many things to say..

first off, I love this post because like usual I got to find out about some new to me very talented photographers AND some stellar work from some of my already known favorites.

and I’m excited to talk about Field Trip . . . have you heard about it?  its an alternative photography sort of conference/camping/dancing/not really sure but sounded pretty creative and cool thing.

what do you all think?  Who of you is interested in going? and does anyone out there know more about it?  it definitely got my attention. I’m sort of aching for some creative inspiration. in fact I spent all weekend playing with double exposures. but you do have to apply, and I have never been the cool kid on the block.


elise hanna Contax 645, Acros

elise hanna
Contax 645, Acros

wendy laurel rollei sl66 + ektar

wendy laurel
rollei sl66 + ektar

aneta wisniewska

aneta wisniewska

michael ash  ash imagery polaroid

michael ash
ash imagery

Screen shot 2013-11-02 at 12.42.50 PM

jonathan canlas
contax 645


Ginger Unzueta Nikon d700 35 1.4

Ginger Unzueta
Nikon d700 35 1.4

Nicole Lattanzi Pentax 645n 75mm 2.8 Portra 400

Nicole Lattanzi
Pentax 645n 75mm 2.8 Portra 400

True Story Photo   Canon EOS 300, Kodak Portra 400 (converted)

Stacy Alderfer
/>Canon EOS 300, Kodak Portra 400 (converted)

Sarah Morris Sweet Aqua Photography

Sarah Morris
Sweet Aqua Photography

rebecca chalmers Canon 5D Mark II 24 mm | f/6.3 | 1/320 24-70mmL lens

rebecca chalmers
Canon 5D Mark II
24 mm | f/6.3 | 1/320
24-70mmL lens

Little Bud Photo Nikon D7100, 50mm 1.4

Little Bud Photo
Nikon D7100, 50mm 1.4

Katie Opris

Katie Opris

melissa barrett  vintage Kodak Retinette 1A and Kodak BW400CN film

melissa barrett
vintage Kodak Retinette 1A and Kodak BW400CN film

Im giving away film today.. although I sort of want to keep it all for myself!

But because I think everybody should give film a whirl, Im giving away 5 rolls of 35mm or 10 rolls of 120 (kodak film) depending on the winners preferences (either kodak ektar or portra 400 or kodak tri-x).

and its easy to give film a whirl.. just buy a cheap canon or nikon 35mm and use your existing lenses on it.  pop in a roll of 35mm and away you go.

to enter, just:

1. Like this post;

2. Follow us on fb and instagram (letthekids)

3. Leave us a comment and tell us what you think of Field Trip or name your favorite guy family photography;

and we will randomly pick the winner!


call out to the guys…

I would love to run an all guy family photo post..

so if you are a guy who takes family and kid photos just

– send 1-2 images

– to

– at 600 pixels wide

and make them super fun, brilliant and out of the ordinary…

and we love color!





  • Joanna says:

    My favourite guy family photographer is hands down Zalmy Berkowitz! So talented and creates beautiful images. I loved the all polaroid session he did recently.

  • Kirsty says:

    It’s a guy/girl team but love the Kaisers from The Image is found – I know they mainly shoot weddings, but when they shoot families they really seem to capture the spirit of people – their personal blog is pretty fabulous!

  • Mel Lawrence says:

    I love seeing Jeff Newson’s personal family shots, they are so fun and vibrant, and so his style!

  • Miriam says:

    Field trip sounds great. I like Zalmy Berkowits and Tim Coulson family work.

  • toni raper says:

    the dog photograph! classic, stole my heart!

  • Juliann says:

    Field trip is a pretty cool concept especially if you have a long list of photographers you would like to meet!

  • Meghan Boyer says:

    I love Zalmy and Jon Canlas’ work with families. Even though they are very different, they both authentically capture family life in a real and beautiful way.

  • Jeannie N. says:

    I love the concept of Field Trip! It’s the community aspect- lodging with roommates, dining together – that appeals to me the most. Sitting next to someone for a full day of learning doesn’t begin to create a relationship or allow for deeper conversations like a retreat does. That being said, I’m interested to see who all is accepted for a spot and whether it ends up being a gathering of photogs who already know each other’s work!

  • Favorite guy family photographer? Zalmy Berkowitz. His work is just magic, no pretenses. I love the way he captures his family.

  • I love the idea of The Field Trip as well and think for the first event The Define School has put together it looks pretty amazing. I would love to go as well. As for Guy photographer – yeah I kind of have to agree that aside from the FIND guru himself Jon C I also love Zalmy’s work.

  • Misty Smith says:

    I have to say Nate Kaisers, I know he doesn’t shoot a lot of families as profession but his work of his own family and his friends families is amazing, plus his use of different cameras, films and processing his own film is very inspiring to me!

  • I think Field Trip sounds awesome . . . wishing I could attend! My favorite guy family photographer would be John Dolan, Jon Canlas, or Nate Kaiser. I enjoy their professional family work, but I love their personal family photos. Each of them capture the fullness of life in a very unique and honest way.

  • Dawn Shiree says:

    Zalmy Berkowitz’s family photography always and forever inspires me. Also, Tyler Branch has some family sessions that knock my socks off. Another is Tim Coulson and his personal work with his own family… so lovely.

  • Yuri Long says:

    Field Trip looks cool, but i’m pretty sure i’m not 🙂 as for guy family photogs, j-can is tha man, and Akins Lawal is also really awesome too.

  • Samantha W says:

    John Dolan’s and Zalmy Berkowitz’s are my favorite at capturing their families. I still consider myself a newbie to medium format so I am always amazed at Zalmy and his manual focusing skills when capturing his kids!

  • Field Trip sounds like so much fun. Lots of inspiring photographers to observe and learn from!

  • Elise says:

    I wish I could make it to Field Trip! I don’t think I’ll quite be ready for a Field Trip back from India by then, but maybe in 2015! My favorite male family photographer: Jon Canlas. Good people + Good photography.

  • Deidre C. says:

    I love Jonathan Canlas!! I love his work!

  • Kelly Sweda says:

    Field Trip sounds incredible on so many levels. I would love to go. I look forward to checking out the guy photogs you’re all recommending!

  • sara fierce says:

    Jonathan Canlas, for sure! I want to give that guy a big ol’ bear hug one day:)
    And as for the field trip, camping scares me. So if it involves a tent I’m out. Sorry guys.
    BTW, thanks for including my image this week! I’m a little overly proud of my football dude as they venture on their way to state! 🙂

  • Marla says:

    I don’t use/follow instagram, but follow LTK facebook page & enjoy coming here for eyecandy – a breath of fresh air! Love Canlas film work, but who wouldn’t fall in love with his kiddos and Kodak work?

  • Kristin Fooshee says:

    Jonathan Canlas!
    The Field Trip sounds great! But, I am still hoping to learn enough about film to be ready for a FIND workshop! 😉

  • The Field Trip sounds like a dream!! Unfortunately it just isn’t in the cards for me. Love love love Mike from bobbi+mike. His love of the craft comes through every image. I’m finding my way with film as we speak!! I started out with film but it was only because digital was way to rich for my blood. I love how creative and dark and light film can get. Does that make sense? 😉

  • Tana Teel says:

    My favorite film family photographer is Jonathan Canlas! I love the idea of winning some film! I’m almost out. 🙂

  • Love the idea of Field Trip! Not just a guy, a couple, but I love Bobbi and Mike!

  • Ruth says:

    I’m pretty new to the film photography family, but I do love Jonathan Canlas’ family style! I’m really digging his work on his Rollei. Field Trip sounds so cool too and I bet that having all of those creative minds together will make for an amazing time and beautiful art!

  • I have been going back to look through the Field Trip website over and over today. It sounds like a festival. I like the informal air and the open possibilities instead of a structured workshop type thing. And the price isn’t all that ridiculous either (considering so many couple of day workshops go for well over a thousand). I probably can’t go because travel plus fee together is well beyond anything I can throw down for an extra event though I would drop everything and go in a heartbeat. I know it would be worth it.

  • I like Zalmy Berkowits and Tim Coulson. I also love Jonathan Canlas. Will be excited to see a feature including work from guys. Will be pretty cool to see their perspective.

  • Abby says:

    Jon Canlas and Tim Coulson!!

  • Nicole Lattanzi says:

    Love Jonathan Canlas, John Dolan and Zalmy Berkowitz. Love that they shoot family on film. I would love to see a post of guys who photograph kids families (especially on film!)

  • I really like the idea of Field Trip a lot. It sounds inspiring, empowering, potentially mesmerizing. But the one thing that rubs me the wrong way is the idea of “applying” to go. I think it will be great for the people who want to go and are chosen, but what about those who would go in a second, but aren’t? It seems like it could be very hurtful to some. I know the idea is that they’re selecting photographers that will be a good fit for the experience, but it just seems exclusionary.

  • Summer Lee says:

    Zalmy B. is definitely one of my favorite guy family photographers. His blog posts are full of amazing imagery, and his writing is so funny and poignant. Field Trip sounds like Burning Man without the all the drugs. I would definitely go! Some rad people are on the list of attendees, including another fave guy family photographer – Nate Kaiser!

  • Mandy Haber says:

    Jon Canlas is FOR SURE my favorite guy family photographer. No question! I am so excited to meet him at FIND next week and learn from him.

  • Field trip sounds like the ultimate photo adventure and I would love to attend…
    For guy photogs I really like Michael Kormos’ work, but I will have to discover more.

  • Jayme F says:

    Field Trip sounds awesome. Let me know if you end up going Wendy! Would love to get my hands on some free film!

  • Katie says:

    Field trip sounds awesome! favorite guy family photographer would be Matt Sloan. he mostly does weddings, but he does some family and they are so rad!

  • Bjorna says:

    Field trip sounds amazing, so amazing that I signed up! I just decided I need to shoot more film, so this would be great to win 🙂

  • Rachel Havel says:

    Liked it all!. Favorite guy family photographer… Jonathan Canlas

  • i adore the field trip idea…just wish i’d thought of it myself!! 😉

  • Field Trip sounds great, but there needs to be more info. I get the commodity fetishism thing of making people apply and have it be a “cool kids” event, but I do wonder if it could backfire with people being afraid to apply and unsure. It’s not the Eddie Adams workshop after all it’s a brand new (and expensive) thing that’s still an unknown commodity.

  • Alysson says:

    Liked the post, facebook and your instagram! My favorite guy photographer is D’Arcy Benincosa

  • I love the Field Trip! It sounds like it’s right up my ally. I just wish there was one on the east coast! California is a long ways away.

  • crossing my fingers i get invited to apply for the fieldtrip. looks like so much fun!

  • Phyllis says:

    Field trip looks amazing! So fun!

  • Jack says:

    Jonathan Canlas for sure!

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