Front Porch Portraits – Carrie Geddie Photography

Carrie Geddie is inspiring me with this post.  As the mom of 4 kids, the one thing I don’t have a lot of is all 4 of them in one frame.   She did a year long 52 week project Front Porch Portraits.  From Carrie:

“Every week of 2013, I took my kids to the front porch of our house – or wherever we were – and asked them for a picture. The result is almost 52 images of my kids over the course of 2013. The amount that these images show their growth and personalities is astounding.  The best part has been seeing my boys’ reaction to the project.  They love seeing themselves over the course of the year, and I know this project will grow more meaningful to our family over time.”


carriegeddie.com_20 carriegeddie.com_18 carriegeddie.com_15 carriegeddie.com_12 carriegeddie.com_9 carriegeddie.com_7 carriegeddie.com_5 carriegeddie.com_17 carriegeddie.com_16 carriegeddie.com_14 carriegeddie.com_13 carriegeddie.com_6 carriegeddie.com_4 carriegeddie.com_3 carriegeddie.com_1 carriegeddie.com_8 carriegeddie.com_21 carriegeddie.com_10 carriegeddie.com_22 carriegeddie.com_2 carriegeddie.com_11

“Pretty quickly on in the project, I realized that if I was going to make this work, I had to be flexible. There were no rules.  The boys could wear whatever they wanted and bring with them whatever was important to them that minute. If they didn’t want to be in the picture that was fine, but they both obliged me every week.  I also realized that I needed to be flexible from a photographic perspective. I used almost every camera I’ve owned this year. Everything from full-frame digital, 35mm and medium format film, and even my iPhone. And it turns out, the camera didn’t matter – just the act of going to the front porch and stopping for a few frames was what was important.”

This seems doable to me…. I should be able to get a photo of my four maybe not once a week, but I am going for once a month.  Keep me on task!




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