Finding Creative Inspiration with Photographer Nicki Sebastian

It’s my goal to always show creatives who inspire me here on Let the Kids. That takes some serious Instagram and internet scouring and asking around of photographers I love who their creative crushes are. Nicki Sebastian has been featured here before and her name came up in a conversation with another photographer. I love her images and the motion / feeling / emotion that comes from each one. Here is what Nicki says about where all that creativity comes from:

“I’ve honestly been surrounded by creative energy since day one. My father is a guitar player, and I spent the better part of my childhood hanging out at his band practices, playing in his studio, and unknowingly soaking up a lifetime of inspiration that continues to feed my work and my soul. I was always the girl drawing by herself in the corner in preschool, and I went on to study visual art through college and grad school – the need to create and realize the ideas that constantly spin in my head was always like an itch that I just couldn’t satisfactorily scratch. My photography has become the perfect outlet and release for all of that, and I count my blessings every day that I get to call this my career.

As far as what inspires me, I’ve been moved and affected by countless artists who take on portraiture with such diverse approaches: Alex Katz, Francesca Woodman, Marilyn Minter, Sally Mann, Chuck Close, and Alice Neel to name a few. I want fine art to always be a part of my life, so each week on my off day, I try to take my two-year-old daughter to a different art exhibition in New York so she can absorb the vibrancy that surrounds us right now—and we always end our field trips with ice cream (which, at this point, might be the highlight of our outings for her). And on a related note, my daughter has also become one of my greatest inspirations—her fearlessness, her perspective, and her lack of self-awareness at this age is something that I want to bottle and save. I try to approach my work with that same uninhibited and raw emotion—but it’s admittedly difficult because I’ve also become my toughest critic. Regardless, my attitude was and is to let myself just feel and to always try to stay playful in everything that I do, photography included. (Oh, and find some good light too.)”

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little girl covering her face image by photographer nicki sebastian

little girl drinking soda white mom and brother play image by photogapher nicki sebastian

little girl eating at table under huge colorful artwork by photographer nicki sebastian

little girl peaking through railing in black and white image by photographer nicki sebastian

baby smashing cake photo by photographer nicki sebastian

two little girls hugging with joy by photographer nicki sebastian

dad kissing babys head helping to walk image by photographer nicki sebastian

little girl with twin babies sitting on big white bed by photographer nicki sebastian

little girl in fur parka and knit hat yelling image by photographer nicki sebastian

mom and baby photo sitting on ground by photographer nicki sebastian

little boy butt in jeans on couch image by photogrpaher nicki sebastian

little boy laughing laying on the ground in blue checked shirt by photographer nicki sebastian

baby laughing being held out by parents by photographer nicki sebastian

little girl in striped dress touching bright bench in front of merry go round by photographer nicki sebastian

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