Enjoying Bucerias Mexico with Danielle Hatcher

We all love our kids. We can’t get enough of their smiles, their hugs, their endearing little idiosyncrasies. However, sometimes it does us good to have a little time away, too.

1 House interior in Bucerias Mexico byDanielleHatcher

Danielle Hatcher recently traveled with her husband and four other couples to the beautiful town of Bucerias, Mexico, 20 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta. The group found a home on VRBO.com that was an indoor/outdoor concept with no walls, save for the bedrooms and an accompanying staff of a concierge, a cook and a housekeeper. The luxury of a dedicated staff gave Danielle, her husband and their friends unlimited time to relax. “Not having to worry about food was such a treat. In addition to not having to prepare or clean any meal, we didn’t even have to think about what was being served, or worry about shopping for it.” Instead of attending to the daily grind of food prep, the group was able to take advantage of nearby massage tables set up on the beach, place a round of golf, enjoy a zip-lining trip and simply relax beside the pool without a worry.

Most trips provide a memory or two that are extra special. Danielle recounts her favorite evening, “On one of the nights, all ten of us took a boat cruise through the bay to a private island where we had dinner and saw a live show. It was great, but the best part was the trip back! The boat turned into a dance club and we danced the whole way home. The rocking back and forth made us all feel like we had just a little bit more rhythm than we actually do. It was definitely a highlight of the trip.”

Originally, the trip had been conceptualized as including kids and employing a nanny to allow for some adult only time. However, as the planning got underway it became clear that the adults would be able to do and see more, for less financial investment, if the kids stayed at home. The decision was helped along by the fact that the trip took place in May, when all of the kids were still heavily involved in school and other activities. In the end, Danielle and her husband still felt a bit guilty when they got on the plane to head to Mexico, but by the end of the trip, they had fully embraced the value of getting away with adult friends and are looking forward to their next vacations. As their kids get older, Danielle hopes to take them along when she travels outside of the US, but “until then, we will definitely make time for more adult-only trips, as well as family trips. We are planning two big ones already for next summer! One with kids, and one without.”


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2 Photographer self portrait in mirror by Danielle Hatcher

3 Looking through doorway of a home in Bucerias Mexico by photographer Danielle Hatcher

4 Photo of pink home with vines in Bucerias Mexico by photographer Danielle Hatcher

5 Red banners on blue sky in Mexico by photographer Danielle Hatcher

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7 Street market in Bucerias Mexico by photographer Danielle Hatcher

8 Green foiliage on pink house in Bucierias Mexico by photographer Danielle Hatcher

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10 Couple sits poolside in Bucerias Mexico by photographer Danielle Hatcher

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12 Photo of sandy feet on a beach by photographer Danielle Hatcher

13 Man rides one horse and ponies another on a Mexican beach by photographer Danielle Hatcher

14 Sunset over palm trees on a Mexican beach by photographer Danielle Hatcher

15 a couple sits on a beach by photographer Danielle Hatcher

16 Sunset over the beach at Bucerias Mexico by photographer Danielle Hatcher

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