Genessee Quizon: engagement in Paris

How romantic is that title?  And these photos document the actual proposal in front of the Eiffel Tower.   Lucky for the couple, Genessee Quizon happened to be on the same tour.

“I went to London and France after Christmas and met a couple on the trip. I had an inkling that he might pop the question from what I found out about them. I mean, New Year’s in London and Paris following? Who wouldn’t propose? Jace, the groom, told a few of us about his plans to as Lauren, bride, when we got to Paris. He seemed really relieved to get it off his chest. By this time we’d already been on the tour for a good 4 or 5 days. I offered to take pictures of the event as did another fellow tour member. He even asked for advice as to where to do it. It was fun to lurk about, pretending to just take pictures of the Eiffel tower. I even had to call another unknowing tour member over since he almost walked into the event! He’s in one of the pictures walking towards them. There was also a gypsy and a peddler that hovered around the couple that I wished I had photographed but I was too intent on getting the shots.

As for 411 on impromptu shoots like engagements….

  • have enough space on memory cards or enough film (in my case) loaded
  • know your exposures
  • don’t intrude or give away anything

It really happened so fast that I’m amazed that my film turned out good. RPL does wonders, especially since I was shooting 400 and had them push it to 1600.”


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