Day in the Life — Lexia Frank

Lexia Frank never fails to inspire me. Her day in the life sessions are amazing.  The back story is pretty cool too:

“This mama is actually the same mama whose birth I photographed 2 years ago, and subsequently went on to win the Canon Imagin8ion Project . That photograph consequently went on to inspire a film directed by Ron Howard, “When You Find Me” which was super exciting. We got to fly out to NY for the world premiere of the film, meet the cast and crew, and of course Ron and Bryce howard. Ali (the mother) and I are great friends as well, and I’ve been able to photograph her whole journey through each pregnancy, and now her upcoming birth (which could be a matter of days!).”

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“For this Day In The Life session i started shooting early morning, with Rowan (the little girl) and Ali waking up. Dad had already left for work, so it was a pretty typical day, eating breakfast, taking a bath, out for a little walk, reading books, playing with the dog. i love the beauty in simplicity and reality, and love being able to be a sort of fly on the wall and have a peek into the day of another family.

and, as always images shot with contax 645, fuji 400h for color and ilford 3200 for black and white.”

We showed another of her day in the life features here.


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