Connection, Love and Style, by Simply by Suzy

The beauty. Oh, the beauty. It’s not just beauty in the traditional sense of the word, but in the way the connection is captured, the light, the tones and that extra special something Suzy brings to the table. I was taken with this session the instant I saw it. I love how both of their styles are so effortless and they are just able to be themselves. Suzy has such a way of capturing connections and childhood wonder.

From Suzy: I’m originally from Chicago and because the winters get sooooo brutal here, I’ve decided to start spending at least part of the winter living in California. Last year was my first year doing that and so in trying to network, a friend of mine hooked me up with one of her awesome mom friends. I suppose this session was unusual in that I typically try to get to know a family more deeply before a session by chatting through email or on the phone extensively, having them fill out a client information form, carefully planning out what location will be best based on their family’s style and the best light at what time of day. But with this mom, we literally just texted back and forth all week about what day would work. Since I wasn’t familiar with the area, I asked her to just pick a spot that her and her daughter liked to go to often.

We met up at the Venice canals and just let her daughter kind of lead the way, taking pictures casually as things happened, and then finished at the beach to watch the sun set. Two can be a really hard age traditionally for photographers, but it’s become one of my favorite ages to photograph; but probably less out of creative skill and more so out of sheer laziness because at that age, they’re 100% in charge of what happens and I don’t have much control over posing. In all seriousness, I love that a toddler’s strong sense of independence and autonomy makes for a very natural, story-telling feel at the session which is why this is probably one of my favorite sessions.

Aside from two being a favorite age, I also loved this mom’s simple style. High-top vans, an oversized chambray shirt with leggings (which was perfect at the time because she was about 16 weeks pregnant), and a wide brim hat – one of my favorite ways to add a little style to any simple outfit. Last but not least, my ultimate ultimate favorite, Lilou’s pants. I mean, kitty pants! They made for a really fun detail to photograph but mostly I love that mom let her wear them because she said they were Lilou’s favorite pants to wear at the moment. Most times I think parents try to dress their kids in more formal, ‘pretty’ clothes for sessions but I really just love most when the kids (and everyone) get to wear things that are a complete expression of themselves and give them a lot of joy.

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photo of mother and daughter exploring by Simply by Suzy

pic of mother and daughter in black and white by Simply by Suzy

photo of little girl pouting with mom by Simply by Suzy

picture of little girl in cat pants by Simply by Suzy

picture of little girls reflection in water by Simply by Suzy

pic of little girl watching a cement truck by Simply by Suzy

picture of little girl and mom playing in sand by Simply by Suzy

photo of mom and daughter at the beach by Simply by Suzy

pic of stylish mom swinging her daughter around on beach by Simply by Suzy

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