Compilation Post: be thankful

It’s getting close to Christmas! What do your kids want?  Mine cannot figure it out – clothes, hot wheels tracks, Pokemon cards, and Barnes and Noble gift cards are on the top of their list.

I give each kid a piece of paper divided into four sections. The four sections are labeled: want, need, read, and wear.  They can write as many things in each section as they want, but they are getting ONE gift from each section (plus whatever Santa might bring).  It makes life so much simpler and cuts down our spending on unnecessary items by a ton.

I can not claim to have invented this strategy. As with all good things I learned it from a friend on Facebook.

We try to stay away from the commercialism of the holidays, be thankful, and focus on family time and outdoor activities as much as possible.

What about you?  Lets see some winter and holiday type photos come in through our email.  I’d love to see people’s Christmas cards or holiday photos. Remember size them to 870 pixels on the long side and send them to me at

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