Common Threads | Rebecca Conway

My good friend Rebecca Conway has such a great eye for composition and color palette ~ I am a longtime admirer of her work.  I also firmly believe in the importance of shooting personal work and things simply because you love them, so I had to share this personal project of hers.

From Rebecca: I created Common Threads to take a closer look at my photography, shooting style and better understand the way I see. Each diptych is two personal images paired together sharing a connection through composition, perspective, color, subject matter or just my interpretation. The photographs were not taken intentionally with the project in mind, but just random bits of life I saw along the way, all on film.

RebeccaConwayCommonThread01RebeccaConwayCommonThread03 RebeccaConwayCommonThread04 RebeccaConwayCommonThread05 RebeccaConwayCommonThread06 RebeccaConwayCommonThread07 RebeccaConwayCommonThread08 RebeccaConwayCommonThread09 RebeccaConwayCommonThread10 RebeccaConwayCommonThread11 RebeccaConwayCommonThread12

We would love to see your interpretation of this idea! Hop on over and follow us on Instagram if you aren’t already, and create your own pairing with the hashtag #ltkcommonthreads to add to the collection (diptic with the aspect ratio upgrade is a great app for this)!


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