Clarissa Wikeepa puts mom in the picture where she belongs

Once upon a time Sarah, a popular Instagrammer, posted a bathroom selfie of her family stating that it was their first family photo. You have to take your opportunities when they present themselves and opportunities like the whole family in one frame are rare gems. We can all relate to that.

Sydney based photographer, Clarissa Wikeepa took note and took charge. One thing led to another and a date was set. Because Sarah’s home is a work of art in itself, they decided to shoot the session there amongst her classy and playful stylings. In her images, Clarissa highlighted the family relationships to include the well-loved bear that may have been Winnie the Pooh many moons ago.




Clarissa has been a working photographer for eight years in addition to being a wife and mother to four young children. She and her husband are self-employed and do their best to find balance amidst the beautiful chaos. Her photography reaffirms her love of mothering just as her mothering reaffirms her love of photography.

As a mother it can be so exhausting with everything we need to do, we can get so caught up in the doing rather than the joy and the small blissful moments of motherhood.  When i step away and get to observe another family it always renews me as a mother.



Having a supportive husband is another key to Clarissa’s ability to juggle family and photography. Before she hops in the car to head to her next shoot, her husband takes over parenting so that she can transition from mother to photographer.

I need to be calm and mentally prepared. Hubby usually takes over mum duties by giving me a bit of space to check gear and gather thoughts.









Sarah and her husband have two boys and as a mother of three boys and one girl I know how high energy things are with boys!  As we were taking family photos on the bed Jax ran off and grabbed his mum and dad’s wedding picture that sat on top of their dresser and showed me the picture. The moment was rushed in amongst a bit of mayhem yet so sweet.




Clarissa tuned into each relationship and captured countless tender interactions. Of course, Sarah was pleased as punch with the images Clarissa presented her. She thanked and gifted Clarissa asserting that the images themselves were the biggest gift of all.

 It is the absolute reason I do what I do. To preserve a memory in time for a mama just like me.

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  • Adam says:

    It is really difficult to have a professional life and children to control together. she share these photo these are really inspairing! that is true that if you have a careing husband you can handle! you both are photographer! the moment is also liveable! thanks for sharing this!

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