Marina Koslow: chasing the sunset

Everything about this senior session from Marina Koslow is gorgeous…..the subject, the scenery, and of course the light… This session was shot on Portra 400 and Ilford 3200, Contax 645, developed by Indie Film Lab.

From Marina:

“You know when you try really hard to time the shoot just right, in my case that would be catching the setting sun over a ridge that I knew usually happened earlier than predicted sunset off of the weather channel? Well, I was driving down the highway at a speed I won’t mention after I realized I took a bit too long at our previous location only to get here just a few minutes too late. Disappointed? Only until I realized how pretty the soft light was on this gorgeous girl and it literally let me photograph from any angle. Just to think that if I got there earlier I would have missed half of these shots! Another lesson on making the best of a situation I did not plan for.

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