Celebrating New Life on Summer Solstice | Carly Mitchell

There is nothing sweeter than a new baby, and it’s so fitting that this little one photographed by Carly Mitchell was born on summer solstice – a perfect celebration of new life.

From Carly:

My favorite unofficial holiday is the summer solstice. I like to spend as much time awake and living on the longest day of the year as possible. I’m not really sure when that became an unwritten rule for myself, but it’s there and i have been quietly disappointed in the past when i’ve unwittingly realized at 9 p.m. that the day is over and I wasted it. Last summer, however, not only was I awake with the sun for the solstice, I was up to help welcome new life into this crazy beautiful world of ours. My sister/best friend checked into the hospital very early that morning and baby Grey Mason, her 4th, was born a little more than 6 hours later. He was truly one of the cutest new babies I’ve ever seen. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend the most amount of daylight of the year. To me, the most special part of the day was watching his two older sisters and older brother meet and immediately fall in love with him.
These photos are part of a year+ long project of documenting Grey, from finding out he’d be a boy to my sister’s last pregnancy to his birth and photos documenting his growth each month since.

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  • Julia Bear says:

    AMAZING – the love and beauty in these photos radiates out for us all to see, thank you for capturing and sharing 🙂

  • Lindsley says:

    Such sweet moments to remember forever and always.

  • JKMeems says:

    A precious story told so beautifully through the photography.

  • EEmmer says:

    These photos have a special experiential quality that makes you feel as if you’re actually standing in the room. I especially like the photos of Grey’s siblings holding and greeting him.

  • TarynDH says:

    Adorable. This family is very lucky to have such a talented photographer among their ranks!

  • CYoung says:

    Absolutely Incredible…You obviously have an amazing ability to capture the soul of the moment!
    I have no doubt that these will be treasured for a lifetime and how amazing to be able to share the joy of that day with Grey and his siblings as they grow!!

  • MK says:

    absolutely beautiful. i love seeing all of the hands – everyone is holding, touching, shaking… the motion (and emotion!) shown brings it all to life. bravo!!

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