Celebrating In Between Moments – Simply by Suzy

I adore this relaxed newborn session by Suzanne Brown of Simply by Suzy Photography, and the words she wrote with it.  I love real images that show a new family enjoying being together….as though you are witnessing the bond of family being formed.

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Suzy wrote:

I am submitting some images from a newborn session I just had recently with the most wonderful family.. and looking back through these photos there are a couple topics that come to mind as a photographer.  The first is that I’ve realized as a photographer, part of my job is helping my clients figure out what they want.  Over the years I’ve found in my newborn work especially, that what people look at and enjoy floating around Pinterest is often very different from what they end up looking back on and loving most out of their own family’s photographs.  Specifically I get a lot of parents coming to me with requests for the curled up naked, sleeping baby images and telling me that they don’t really want to be in the photos themselves.. and then later probably about 99% of parents tell me that they were surprised to find they loved the ones most where the family is engaging and interacting with each other.  And while I still think there is something so beautiful about a peacefully sleeping baby, I try to encourage the families I work with to let me document the other stuff as well as.. it’s a heck of a lot easier to say “Gosh I’m so glad we did that!” as opposed to, “Gosh I wish we had done more of that..”  Through this realization I’ve also discovered that this is the type of newborn sessions I love most – where there is an emphasis on the new family and not just the new baby.  Not only was this family in particular totally on board for that type of session, but the boys’ grandma was staying in town to help out mom & dad for a few weeks which made for some great moments also.  I don’t have kids myself but I know when I do that my mom will definitely be packing up her bags and staying at our place for a few weeks or more to help out and enjoy sharing her motherly wisdom with me.. And while that hasn’t happened for me just yet, I know that’s something I would certainly want to remember so when I show up to a client’s home and there are other family members or loved ones staying and helping out – whether it be for a day or a month – I try to photograph those ‘in-between’ moments where grandma is helping wash bottles in between feedings, or even ask them if they wouldn’t mind me taking a few photos with them in it.  When life gets more settled for new parents, it also makes for great gifts to say thank you to grandma or grandpa for helping out 😉



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