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I’ve done my share of breastfeeding over the years (4 kids).   And to me, it was definitely a part of that first year I won’t forget.  My kids were fast eaters though so its wasn’t some long drawn out affair.  Just a quick and easy way to feed and snuggle the littles.  But I have exactly one photo of me doing that.. and Ive got at least 5 years of breastfeeding time logged.

Now, when I shoot a family with a baby or a newborn shoot and the mom has to stop to breastfeed, I always grab at least one shot of it for the mom. I know I wish I had one of each of mine.

Simply by Suzy sent us this beautifully shot session of a mom doing just that — feeding her baby.

and p.s. Suzy is both a doula and a photographer.

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“For this specific ‘session’ my friend and I decided to let her newest little guy have his dinner outside the last night I stayed with them and because I’m trying to be more diligent about capturing my own loved ones, I decided to bring my camera with (baby Jefferson is a quick eater so these literally took us all but 5-10 minutes to take). I don’t have my own kids yet but I just love nursing time and really cherish being able to capture this for others, whether it’s my clients or friends.  When I was younger my mom would always go through my baby books with me and each time she would stop at an image of her nursing me.. she would trail her fingers along the page and over the picture, and tell me how it was her favorite part about when we were babies.  That no one else in the world could do that for me or my brothers but her.  And so while I know it’s a much more private moment for some, and even if the images don’t get shared on a blog or Facebook or whatever, I think it’s just such a special activity to share with your child in and I hope by capturing it in a beautiful way that it encourages mothers to celebrate this ability we have to nourish our young and give them life.. and to not let anyone convince them otherwise.”

All images shot with Contax 645 & expired Fuji 400NPH film (except for the B&Ws, those were taken with my Nikon D3S and 50mm)

And stay tuned for a Big Giveaway Tomorrow!!

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