Boys Will be Boys — Jen Fox Photography – Oahu Family Photography

Nothing better than some sweet little boys.  They grow up oh too fast, but at the age of Jen Fox’s cute sons, they are still the sweetest things around.  I love that this is just the end of a roll of film.

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From Jenn:

“I’m submitting photos from a quick session i did with my boys. It was after attending FIND in december. I had borrowed a camera and had loaded a roll but needed to return the camera. It was not my intention to finish the roll but I was pushed to by a photo friend/camera owner. to say I’m thankful for that push is an understatement. I tossed them on the bed and let them roll around. my littlest was 8+ months here and getting to the stage where I can see my oldest start to see him as a playmate. to watch them become friends is pure joy. add all the white and creamy baby skin? these images are the definition of who i am as a photographer.”

And YES we chose a winner from our instagram contest for a LobLee bag!!!  It was Amanda Mohinani!  Congrats Amanda!


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