Boys being boys with Steve Stanton

Steve Stanton is yet another Instagram find (sense a trend?).  I love his timeless black and white portraits of his sons doing all the boy things that boys do. Sometimes when we simplify our themes and subjects and equipment, the best images come out.

black and white image of boy by steve stanton double exposure in black and white by steve stanton two boys walking down river path by photographer steve stanton two boys sitting on tires in black and white by photographer steve stanton two boys reflection in black and white by photographer steven stanton

two boys with butterfly nets by steve stanton two boys silouhette image by photographer steven stanton

From Steve:

As a photographer by trade and by passion, I photograph weddings, portraits, etc: things that fit my love of humanity but also pay the bills.  However my fondest photographs, those I truly yearn to make, are those of my sons.  The camera has become a mentor of sorts always getting us boys out of the house, exploring, seeing and sharing in adventures.  We never leave the house without our butterfly nets, fishing poles, an old Folgers can for collecting bugs, rocks, whatever.  These images of them are subtle interruptions into our special time together.  Light and spontaneity tend to inspire me the most, meaning that I rarely have prior firm ideas on what an image should look like.  I enjoy stripping things down to bare essentials.  The light will tell me where to look, and my boys will inevitably get my ideas rolling, then I’ll build on it until something gets flushed out.

Equipment wise, I use a variety of cameras, however mainly my Nikon Df and a few choice Voigtlander lenses (40mm f2.0, 20mm f3.5, 58mm f1.4).  I love the way a manual lens feels when I hold it, and how they see.  As simple as my gear setup is, my post processing I would say is equally so.  Once the RAW files are downloaded, I use ACR to dial in all my b&w’s, then using Alien Skin Exposure for a final toning I like.

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