Birthday Magic on a Moroccan Beach with Kirsty Larmour

stuffed unicorn with girl by UAE photographer Kirsty Larmour02

Intimate expansiveness. Intricate simplicity. Familiarity in the adventurous. Kirsty Larmour’s photography evokes a wealth of descriptive adjectives. Based out of the UAE, Kirsty and her family are presently on an extended trip around the world. Lucky for those of us who aren’t part of the travel party, Kirsty does an incredible job of documenting and sharing her family’s adventures. She describes the setting for this magical session, below:

My family and I are currently spending a year on the road, driving through 3 continents, and we were travelling through the incredible country of Morocco when both my daughters had their birthdays this spring.  We celebrated each of them with a carefree family day at a favourite quiet Atlantic coast beach not far from the town of Essaouira  – which for my oldest daughter happened on a gloriously sunny February day, with a great wind for kite flying.  When we went back 3 weeks later for my younger daughter’s birthday we were greeted with an eerie calm and a mist that spread down the whole coast – the two days could not have been more different.

Indy adores her “pet” unicorn, Princess Snowflake, who has also been travelling the world with us and the birthday girl’s special request for her big day was to ride her unicorn on a deserted beach – which is certainly what she got! 

These pictures are special because each daughter had their own unique experience at the beach for their birthday and they’ll be birthdays that we will always look back on and treasure.

I love that these capture exactly what Indy wanted for her birthday – they aren’t so much about the place, but more the sense of calm we had there and the solitude and how that made it the most magical place in the world for a newly 7 year old girl to ride her unicorn. 

Camera: Nikon D700

Lens: 24-70 2.8

Location: Sidi Kaouki Beach, Morocco

This session encapsulates one of the most important lessons that traveling can teach our children. The best memories are not always made in the extraordinary- the unbelievable landscapes or the opulent surroundings. Instead, we learn from experiencing the beauty of simplicity, in a variety of locations, that our memories require very little in terms of cost or outlay of energy. Spending time with those who are dear to us, enjoying their company and exploring the world can teach us that home is, indeed, wherever we choose to make it.

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girl on rocky beach in fog with stuffed unicorn by UAE photographer Kirsty Larmour 06

girl on beach in fog with stuffed unicorn by UAE photographer Kirsty Larmour 07

girl on beach in fog with stuffed unicorn by UAE photographer Kirsty Larmour 01

girl on beach in fog riding stuffed unicorn with reflection by UAE photographer Kirsty Larmour04

girl on beach in fog hugging stuffed unicorn by UAE photographer Kirsty Larmour 10

girl on beach in fog riding stuffed unicorn by UAE photographer Kirsty Larmour03

girl on beach in fog holding stuffed unicorn by UAE photographer Kirsty Larmour 09

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