Birth Story at Home and In Color — Rebecca Ames Photography

Running this blog I have seen many birth stories. And they are all touching and amazing.  My favorite days in my life are the days my 4 were born.  But this one struck me because its so different. At home and shot in color.  Im so used to seeing birth stories in black and white (because of the lovely hospital lighting no doubt) that this was so refreshing and clean and calm feeling.  Rebecca Ames did a wonderful job documenting this birth.

[blogshow id=c96e player=0 autoplay=0 toolbar=1] “On April 8th, Kristin and Ben sent me a text that their newest and youngest baby was about to enter this world, so I headed on over to their house to help welcome this new little boy. They had two midwives there and a doula and had a very calm, very family filled home birth. It was amazing and I love all the kisses, tears of joy and overwhelming emotion from this day.

All of this happened at home in Durham, North Carolina with the help of Nancy Harmen of Birthwise of Central North Carolina, Andrea Reynolds (midwife) and Joanne Dahill of Journey of Motherhood.

These were all shot on a 5dmarkii with a 50mm f/1.4 and edited with vsco Kodak Porta 160.”


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