Britty Page: bikes on the beach

Britty Page had a great time shooting this engagement feature.  I love how natural it all looks, the photos and the people.  Britty tells Let the Love her tricks of the trade:

“Couples are probably my favorite thing to shoot.  I love the way they interact and play off of each other during during our time together.  As with every photo shoot, I have all the pictures I want planned out ahead of time.  That’s right, I make a list of every shot I want to capture.  Not only is it a great way to stay organized, but it shows your clients that you are prepared and put a great deal of effort into your work.

This particular shoot was so much fun; I had a blast working with this couple!  The shoot was scheduled about an hour before sunset.  Little did we know the weather would bring such stormy, charcoal gray skies that day.  On one hand, it was great because I didn’t have to worry about harsh lighting creating nasty shadows.  On the other hand, I was dealing with very dark skies and I was already losing light with the sunset close at hand.  In order to ensure my pictures were bright enough, I shot with a wide open aperture (which I always do), bumped up the ISO, and slowed down my shutter speeds.  With these lighting conditions and camera settings, I was able to achieve soft pastel-like colors.  Then in Photoshop, I did some color correction to add a bit of contrast to give these pictures a little more “oomph.”

I like directing couples in ways that allow them to interact and have fun together.  Giving people a task or an activity is a great way to get them comfortable in front of the camera.  Right off the bat I had this couple go for a tandem bike ride.  They were more focused on trying to balance and not fall off of the bike than on having their pictures taken.  And any time they did fall off, they would start laughing.  It’s those real moments between people that are so fun to capture.”

I love that pose with the two of them standing on the beach.  So fun!  We are thinking of making some changes on this blog.. and we would love to hear your feedback about what you like and what you don’t.  So don’t be afraid, go ahead and leave a comment.


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